BioMaster Thermo 600 [CN]

  • Key Features

    • EasyClean pre-filter chamber for extremely simple filter cleaning and top comfort
    • Available with or without integrated HeatUp adjustable heater for undisturbed views of the underwater world without visible technology, optimum temperature level, improved safety
    • Perfect water quality thanks to the high filter volume consisting of Hel-X and filter sponges
  • Characteristic

    • Safe: Shut-off mechanism and safety lock prevent unwanted water leakage, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module
    • EasyClean prefilter module: No more bothersome dismantling of the filter – simply remove the pre-filter module, rinse and replace
    • Practical: Venting button for effective water suction to get started quickly and easily during installation and after cleaning
    • Optimum filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter sponge to optimise mechanical filtration of coarse dirt and prolong the lifespan of biological media
    • Optional: Includes HeatUp integrated adjustable heater with BioMaster Thermo – can also be retrofitted
    • Well-regulated: Control the flow on the filter or via the adapter set
    • High filter volume: The combination of mechanical and highly effective biological filtration with Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water
    • Economical: Quiet and energy-efficient pump with no disturbing noise

Technical Data

Suitable for aquariums up to max.l600
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm240 x 240 x 480
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption filter + heater22 + 300 W
Net weightkg6.20
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years3 + 1
Max. flow ratel/h1250
Max. head height, metresm1.80
Hose (quantity/length)1 UNIT/4 m
Connection for hoses ø (inner/outer)16 / 22 mm
Filter volumel6.8
Pre-filter volumel0.60
Suitable for freshwaterYes
Suitable for saltwaterYes


Spare Parts

1Spare part main gasket BioMaster451481
2Spare grid BioMaster756201
3Foam BioMaster 30ppi orange452701
4Spare part basket cover BioMaster451721
5Foam BioMaster 20ppi blue452691
6Spare part basket BioMaster451711
7Hel-X 13 Biomedia 800 ml452711
8Spare part set rubber feet BioMaster451701
9Spare part container BioMaster 600451611
10HeatUp 300427131
11Replacement heater adapter462061
12Spare part heater plug BioMaster451561
13Spare part hose adapter BioMaster451571
14Spare part filter head BioMaster 600451521
15Spare part rotor BioMaster 600451451
16Spare part pump cover BioMaster 350/600451471
17Spare part set clip BioMaster451581
18Spare prefilter housing BioMaster 600451691
19Prefilterfoam set 6 BioMaster 30ppi464821
20Spare part prefilter tube BioMaster 600451661
21Spare part prefilter gasket BioMaster451491
22Spare part priming head BioMaster451621
23Repl. Suction-Set External Filter465271
24Spare hose 16 x 22, 4 m464961
25Repl. Spraybar External Filter453521


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