EuroFol EPDM 1.2 mm,
2D Basic

  • Key Features

    • Fewer off-cuts thanks to precise manufacturing
    • Faster and more cost effective lay-out since the majority of the welding work is not required on site
    • Liner is welded under controlled conditions so is always of a consistent quality
  • Characteristic

    • Textured surface offers micro-organisms in the pond a good hold for settlement
    • Jet-black colour – extremely dark colour, even underwater
    • UV-resistant
    • Ozone resistant
    • Clean surface without talcum powder
    • Extremely durable
    • Extensible and flexible
    • Fish compatible and plant compatible in accordance with WrC
    • Environmentally neutral and recyclable
    • Material: Rubber
    • Guarantee: 20 years

Technical Data

Length max.m30.00
Width max.m30.00
Grid size lengthm0.50
Grid size widthm1.50