HighLine room divider optiw. 300 white


  • Key Features

    • An innovative solution for visually dividing interiors
    • Optiwhite glass provides a clear view of the underwater world from various angles
    • The spacious cabinet can be opened from both sides and complements the aquarium perfectly
  • Characteristic

    • WELL COORDINATED: The HighLine room divider aquarium and the cabinet harmonise with each other perfectly and stand out thanks to their sophisticated design – suitable for any interior
    • FOR ALMOST ANY ENVIRONMENT: The four elegant, modern base cabinet surface finishes blend elegantly into any living situation
    • PRACTICAL DESIGN: With an inconspicuous dry shaft on one narrow side for clean and orderly cable and hose routing
    • CLEAN CONTOURS: Handle-free cabinet doors with push-to-open function ensure a clear design and the aluminium strips on the aquarium cover up unattractive limescale edges
    • OPTIWHITE GLASS: White glass – with no distracting green tone – provides a clear view of the underwater world, ensuring the true-to-life representation of the colours of your aquarium inhabitants
    • PRACTICAL LAYOUT: The cabinet has no back wall and is accessible from both sides, offering an amazing amount of storage space for accessories and equipment
    • CONVENIENT ACCESS: The pull-out filter can be adjusted according to the state of the aquarium

Technical Data

Volume in litresl302
Aquarium dimensions (L x W x H)cm115 x 50 x 56
Glass thicknessmm10
Dimensions (L x W x H)cm115 x 50 x 132
Net weightkg145.50
Guarantee Years2
Number of lightsUnits0

Spare Parts

10HighLine 300 shelf room devider898321
20HighLine room divider ow. 300 Aquarium879951
30HighLine roomdivider cabinet 300 white879991
40Spare sealing kit HighLine756221
50HighLine accessory set aquarium709371
60HighLine push-fitting set aquarium495911
70Hinge-Set HighLine door704351
80HighLine 300 spare cover aquarium495951
90HighLine push-fitting set cabinet495921
100HighLine 300 spare base frame340991
110HighLine spare feet set495891
120HighLine 300 spare door white341031
130HighLine spare filter drawer495931
140HighLine 300 room d. cover panel cabinet900231