ProMax ClearDrain 14000

  • Key Features

    • A cool head: Optimal heat dissipation of the motor, even when operating in shallow water
    • A popular helper: Drying of various areas down to very low residual water levels
    • Simple start-up: Supplied connection accessories allow quick and easy commissioning of the pump
  • Characteristic

    • SPACE-SAVING: Flattened water sensor with large contact surface
    • HANDY: Adjustable handle
    • QUIET OPERATION: Low-vibration and quiet
    • WELL-PROTECTED: The ceramic jacket protects the stainless steel shaft from cracking and prevents water from entering the motor
    • OPTIMAL BASE SURFACE: Suitable for narrow shafts from 20 cm x 20 cm, while at the same time ensuring high stability
    • FOR SHALLOW WATER: Separate setting for shallow suction mode
    • FULL POWER: Generously dimensioned motors for reliable pump operation and good heat distribution
    • SOLID: High-quality and robust stainless steel housing
    • 1 MILLIMETRE: Shallow suction down to 1 mm water level thanks to foot adapter with bayonet lock
    • EASY TO CONNECT: Pressure nozzle on top G 1 ¼
    • Versatile: Adjustable handle
    • Pumps down to the last millimetre: Shallow-priming to a water level of 1 mm, thanks to a base adapter with bayonet fitting
    • Sustainable: High-quality and robust stainless steel housing
    • Full power: Generously-dimensioned motors for reliable pump operation and effective heat distribution
    • Well-protected: Ceramic casing protects the stainless steel shaft from groove formation, preventing water ingress in the motor
    • Optimal footprint: Suitable for narrow shafts from 20 x 20 cm with simultaneous high stability
    • Easy connection installation: 1¼" pressure port on top

Technical Data

Flow rate – Q max.l/h14500
Delivery head – H max.m12.50
Pressure – max.bar1.3
Power consumptionW950
Power consumptionhp1.3
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Guarantee Years2
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
Immersion depth max.m7.00
Grain size – max.mm5
Flat priming tomm1
Automatic functionSensor
Pressure-side connectionG 1 ¼
Power cable lengthm10.00
Protection classIPX8
Net weightkg8.30
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm193 x 197 x 393



Spare Parts

1Handle incl. fixing screw Drain445871
2Filter plate ClearDrain445861
3Lifting plate incl. nut ClearDrain445851
4Adapter set ClearDrain 1 1/4" straight445881
5Sensor bar ClearDrain 11000/14000445911
6Spare part sensor block cover Drain C478221


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