WaterTank 22 l [INT]

  • Characteristic

    • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Star-shaped hole pattern to facilitate the installation of different pump types
    • HIGH-QUALITY: Connection flange made of stainless steel
    • DURABLE: Membrane made of EPDM
    • CONVENIENT MAINTENANCE: Easily accessible valve to check the pre-pressure of 1.5 bar
    • FIXED INSTALLATION: Four mounting holes ensure a secure connection to the mounting surface
    • SOLID CONNECTION: 1" external thread made of stainless steel
    • DIY DOMESTIC WATERWORKS: Modular system for your own domestic waterworks. You will need the following: WaterTank, PressureKit, reinforced hose and garden pump
    • COMPLETE SET: Includes sealing material and connecting pipe for mounting on the pump
    • INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTABLE: The pump's on and off pressure can be adjusted by a specialist
    • PERFECT PLACEMENT: Mounting piece with adjusting flange for optimum positioning of the pressure switch on the pump
    • STABLE: Robust and made of weather-resistant material for a design with long-lasting appeal
    • INCLUDED: Manifold for the connection of the reinforced hose
    • WELL-COORDINATED: Suitable for all garden pumps of the ProMax Garden Classic and ProMax Garden series
    • Flexible installation: Star-shaped hole pattern to facilitate mounting of different pump types
    • High-quality materials: Stainless steel connection flange
    • Solid connection: 1" male thread of stainless steel
    • Durable membrane: Of EPDM
    • Convenient maintenance: Easily accessible valve for checking the pre-charge pressure of 1.5 bar
    • Solid stance: Secure connection with the substrate thanks to the 4 mounting holes

Spare Parts

1Spare membrane WaterTank 22 l469351


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