JumpingJet Rainbow Star Set [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Fountain with coloured LED lighting
    • Programs with colour, light, and water effects can be selected by remote control
    • An additional JumpingJet Rainbow Star can be connected to the set
  • Characteristic

    • COMPLETE SET: Ready-to-connect complete set with robust body and solid stainless steel base (the pump is the only other thing that's needed)
    • PERFECT HARMONY: Easily control the JumpingJet Rainbow Star expansion kit synchronously, via remote control
    • MORE POSSIBILITIES: With control box (12 V master) for connecting the JumpingJet Rainbow Star expansion kit (not included)
    • EXPANDABLE: Enjoy your JumpingJet Rainbow Star with the additional features of the expansion kit
    • COMPLETE PACKAGE: Everything you need to put on a great show: JumpingJet, control box and remote control; with stainless steel hose clips for fixing hoses and other accessories
    • PURE LIFESTYLE: Can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors
    • PUMP RECOMMENDATION: Run your JumpingJet Rainbow Star set with a pump from the performance class of an Aquarius Universal Premium 4000

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm478 x 305 x 355
Power consumptionW32
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
Light colourRGB
Power cable lengthm10.00
Parabolic height, max.m2.00
Parabolic width, max.m4.00
Jet diametermm12
Hand-held transmitter / range max.m80.00
Net weightkg12.00
Dimensions control unit: (L x W x H)mm215 x 155 x 295
Rated voltage (primary, secondary)220 - 240 V / 50 Hz, 12 V / AC
Cable length, primary (control system)m10.00



Spare Parts

1Cylinder screw V2A DIN 912 6 x 1659491
2Spare part dome JumpingJet359251
3O-Ring EPDM 218 x 8 SH50 black275971
4Elbow 90° G1 I-A plastic245631
5Double bush IG 1"275031
6Hose tail machined100921
7Hose clamp VA 22 - 32 mm62841
8ASM base fixing kit JumpingJet101991
9Device base JumpingJet297941
10Diffusor plate297951
11Screen insert water stabilizer106551
12Filterinsert blue type FTM-365A297691
14Spare FM-Master JumpingJet108931
15Cover FM-Master333711
16Remote control FM-Master226531
17Teach-in pin FM-Master144961
18Y-distributor 1 1/2"566681
19Snapper SNP8 black106321
20Hexagon screwdriver 5 mm106731


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