SprayBond 500 ml [INT]

  • Characteristic

    • STRONG BOND: Bonds all PVC liners quickly and easily
    • DURABILITY: A full 2 years
    • QUANTITY: You need approx. 70 ml per m2
    • IT STICKS: Highly effective contact adhesive for bonding EPDM liners onto different surfaces (including wood or masonry)
    • IDEAL: Designed as an installation aid for laying the liner, even with very steep pond walls
    • HOW IT WORKS: Spray the liner and the surface to be glued with adhesive; after 2–4 minutes flash-off time, press the two surfaces together
    • YOU CHOOSE: Suitable for use with either OASEFol EPDM liner or EuroFol EPDM liner

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W)mm65 x 65
Net weightkg0.49
ApplicationGluing EPDM liners onto various surfaces


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