PondJet Eco

  • Key Features

    • Fountain pump that can be installed quickly and easily, thanks to the fountain aggregate with aeration effect
    • New, low energy consumption motor technology offers significant power savings
    • Switchable dynamic program for impressive fountains
  • Characteristic

    • ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION CONTROL: This is EFC, by OASE: no problems caused by the pump being blocked or running dry
    • READY FOR ANY EVENT: Also perfect for temporary use, e.g. at events
    • EXPANDABLE: Enjoy your JumpingJet Rainbow Star with the additional features of the expansion kit
    • FLOATING WATER FEATURE: Flexible installation in water no matter the soil conditions
    • MADE IN GERMANY: Precise and reliable engineering skills at a particularly high level of quality
    • COMPLETE SET READY TO CONNECT: Includes pump, floating body and multi-function nozzle
    • UP TO 50 PERCENT LESS: This pump requires much less energy than its predecessor model

Technical Data

Dimensions incl. Nozzle (Ø x H)mm670 x 540
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW190
Power cable lengthm20.00
Net weightkg15.20
Guarantee Years2
Max. flow ratel/min180
Max. flow ratel/h10800
Max. head height, metresm8.50
Fountain height, max.m3.00
Pressure-side connectionG 1
Suction-side connectionG 1 ½
Water depth, min.m0.50
Filter intake surfacecm2420
Electronic adjustmentYes
Number of nozzlesUnits1


Spare Parts

Oval head screw V2A DIN 963 5 x 1260170
1Screw set PondJet Eco496951
2Service Pack PondJet Eco GB733911
3Safety screw V2A M5x40 torx-drive w. pin254241
4Spare rotor pump PondJet Eco404671
5Flat gasket NBR 107 x 78 x 2.5 SH45241511
6Retaining bracket PondJet103301
7Washer V2A DIN 125 8.461361
8Inlet cover front EC2 FT358811
10ASM pump housing PondJet Eco399271
11Flat gasket 110 x 100 x 2.5 USP 60133461
12Reducing nipple PVC 1 1/4" - 1 1/2"405691
13Flat gasket 40 x 30 x 2 SH70222791
14Hexagon nut V2A DIN 934 M861061
15Set screw 4401 DIN 913 8 x 40108521
16Fountain nozzle unit PondJet192791
17Float Mini without foam179391
18Lock nut V2A DIN 985 M861291
19Washer V2A DIN 9021 10.598481
20Hexagon bolt V2A DIN 931 M8 x 130192881
21O-Ring NBR 72 x 4 SH7535781
22Washer PondJet195451
23O-Ring NBR 33 x 3 SH70 black132901
24Plug G1 PondJet195441
25Spare part counterweight PondJet Eco479341
28ASM intermediate housing PondJet Eco381661
29Nozzle insert Vulcan 12 PondJet192821
30Countersunk screw V4A DIN 7991 M5 x 10166631
31O-Ring NBR 76 x 4 SH7035791
32Reducing nipple 2" NPT left - G 1 1/4192801
33Water stabilizer Komet 10 - 12 T / 14100351
34Nozzle assembly Pond Jet346191


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