biOrb EARTH 125

  • Key Features

    • Very easy to control via the app
    • Concealed plug-and-play technology
    • Complete set: Contains everything you need.
  • Characteristic

    • All-in-one solution
    • Unique – makes all other terrariums suddenly seem old-fashioned and low-tech
    • Aesthetically pleasing – suitable for a house instead of a back room/garage/shed
    • Conditions as close to nature as possible
    • Ideal for beginners and experts
    • Controlled through an app
    • Thermal heat gradients – just as in nature
    • Rain nozzles for generating moisture
    • Mist for humidity
    • Sounds for more realism
    • Carbon filter to reduce odours
    • Full light spectrum
    • Feed openings
    • Funnel for topping up with water

Spare Parts

1biOrb EARTH top center screw set845871
2biOrb EARTH feeder774921
3biOrb EARTH filter wing845861
4biOrb EARTH lock set774931
5biOrb EARTH heater cable845951
6biOrb EARTH funnel774951
7biOrb EARTH UV Light845891
8biOrb EARTH LED white845881
9biOrb EARTH RGB / Infrared Light845901
10biOrb EARTH rain nozzle845941
11biOrb EARTH exhaust grill set845921
12biOrb EARTH acrylic wrap845961
13biOrb EARTH backpanel845851
14biOrb EARTH transformer845981
15biOrb EARTH speaker845911
16biOrb EARTH ASM fogger filter845931
17biOrb EARTH carbon filter back774911
18biOrb EARTH carbon filter top774901
140biOrb EARTH light cover unequipped932561


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